About Us

R3esolution infotech PVT Ltd is an India based company with more than 400 B2B clients and 20,000+ B2C clients. R3esolution group is a mixture of both culture and creativity. Founded in 2012 in a backyard by Mr. Ajay Jangir, our company currently has a total evaluation of 20.4 Crore INR and still growing at a rapid pace every financial year.

Currently, R3esolution is associated with these businesses.

  1. Internet Service Provider
  2. Web Hosting and software solutions
  3. Internet accessories and hardware
  4. Finance
  5. Printing
  6. Software development and Marketing

While others pursue profit, we, at r3esolution, look and thrive for perfection and better service. The three "r" in R3esolution stand for "real people", "real life", "real solution".

Although the Internet is a world of total virtuality, we cannot seem to grow further until we grasp the full extent and potential of its best parts and functionality. We believe in delivering the "real solution" to the "real people" in "real life". Every piece of the puzzle has its meaning. With every passing minute, we have a new customer joining our organization.

R3einternet Solution

R3einternt solution PVT Ltd is a separate company in our organization, led by Mr. Ajay Jangir, provides the B2B and B2C customers the true meaning of the fastest internet. We deliver products at a low price to keep in mind that every person even in rural areas should have access to fast internet. The Pandemic has made lives harder but it has also opened the doors to the Shear scalability of the internet world.

R3einternet solution provides a complete setup of internet access across any institution or household. With a strong tie with our hardware partners, we currently have more than 1000 products, ready to be shipped all around the world.

R3esolution Infotech PVT Ltd

R3einternet solution provides the best hosting and internet solutions in the country. With having our self-developed datacenter at our base office, we provide VPS, Dedicated Servers, SSL, Shared hosting, Cloud servers, business hosting, Reseller hosting, cPanel, Plesk, Server OS, and much more with a single website. With a dedicated team of 40 members working 24/7 to provide the best support and service all around the world, we sold services worth 500k$ in the last financial year.

R3eprinting solution

Started with creating our merchandise, R3eprint grew exponentially and started providing the best yet fastest printing accessories in the region at the lowest possible cost. R3eprint deals in T-shirts, Hoodies, Mobile covers, Mugs, Glass, Wood, Flex, Visiting, and gift-cards printing.


R3efinance is a solution based company under the wing of R3e Group. We provide consulting, Loan and Mortgage, money, and tax consulting. 


R3emarketing is the supreme branch of the R3esolution group and consists of the core members of the group. R3emarketing provides every website, software, marketing, and promotion related services to its clients. From software development to consultancy, Website development to promotion and marketing, R3emarketing does it all. It is also responsible for the complete marketing, website development, software development, marketing, promotion, media coverage, public relations, and providing customer support to the customers of R3esolution group.

At the R3esolution, we believe in delivering the best product, best marketing services, best hardware, software, consultancy, finance, and everything a company or startup can think of. Feel free to contact us through our email address or phone number mentioned in the "Contact us" details.