Delivery Information

On-time Delivery Ensured

Your product will be delivered within 14 days of your order placement. Sometimes it takes more than 3 days to refill the stock. Even if we keep a minimum quantity that can fulfil the request of hundreds of our customers, we still keep a safe side just to ensure that you get your order on time.

Every Device is heavily tested before delivery

Every product that you purchase from us goes through multiple safety and testing measures. It means that there is almost zero chance of error. We ensure the product quality, test its connectivity, and finally deliver the finest product to you out of our inventory.

Seamless delivery experience

We, at R3einternet Solution, make sure that you get the best delivery experience. To make it simple, we follow a 4 steps procedure.

  1. Order Confirmation - You get an email when your order is confirmed. After confirmation, we manually check the order details to avoid any fraudulent and suspicious order activity.
  2. Order Processing - When your order is manually confirmed by our technical team, we initiate an order ID. Once the order ID is assigned, the selected product ID and the order ID is sent to our warehouse team.
  3. Delivery Partner Assignment - We have over 40 delivery partners working for us at R3einternet Solution. In other words, We choose the best delivery partner to deliver your product at the fastest pace. Your order is picked up from our Warehouse and dispatched for delivery.
  4. Order Delivery - You are notified by an email and a message about the status of your order. It takes a few days depending on the location of your delivery address. Our courier partner collects the information and keeps you updated on the status of your order. Once it reaches your area delivery station, our delivery executive contacts you and delivers the order in the best shape. Pretty seamless, isn't it?

Easy and Hassle-Free Returns

Every product that you purchase from the R3einternet Solution is sent only when it passes all the testing measures. If your device stops working for some reason, we make sure you get the best customer support. To learn more about our Return Policy, click here.